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    #FlightYES14: Couple Got Married on the Plane Right After the Girl Said Yes To His Boyfriend’s Proposal



    Marieke thought that she won the prize of going on a vacation with her sister. Little did she know it was a set up made by her boyfriend to finally propose to her and actually marry her right after she says yes. For such great love, Alexander took the risk of preparing everything, cross-fingered, that her girl would say yes. Forty of their family members and closest friends were booked in a flight to witness the much awaited time of their lives after two years of being a couple.

    All the passengers of FlightYES14 were in tears as they witness both the proposal and the marriage of Alexander and Marieke.

    Watch full story here. Witness this extravagant marriage up in the sky!

    Credits: YouTube | Thomas Cook Belgium
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    “We were both Christians, but he broke my heart…”

    This is a testimony of a teenage girl whose heart was broken, whose faith grew cold, but was embraced and forgiven by God.

    I was 14 when I met God. I was invited by a classmate to attend one of their church activities. I felt blessed and surprised when I saw a worship leader way younger than me leading the congregation in worship. 

    Fast forward, months have passed and I became part of the worship team. I was so happy! It sets me on fire to be with young people who were also on fire for God. I was active attending all the church gatherings. Until one day, I fell in love with our keyboardist. Every night and day we were chatting online. Later on, he confessed his feelings for me. I was surprised! Not long after that, he became my boyfriend. 

    At first, our relationship was hidden. We didn’t want them to know about it. But because we were too obvious, our church-mates and pastor have had noticed it. As time went on, we fell more in love with each other. But we would always have arguments and jealousy. Our relationship was not healthy. I admit, the Lord was never in the center of our relationship. 

    Unexpectedly, when we got to the 8th month of our relationship, we broke up… he broke up with me. I was so hurt… and because of that, I left my ministry and I stopped attending church. Though sometimes, I would try, but every time I see him, I would feel so down. My relationship with God turned cold. And all the thoughts running in my head were all negative which made me go back to my old life.

    I could not accept everything that had happened. My church-mates would try to reach out to me, talk to me, and give me some advice, but I won’t listen to them. One time, I decided to attend in the prayer meeting. All of them were weeping and praying. While I was just sitting in silence with my eyes closed and God talked to me. He showed me different things. First, he brought me back to the time when I was joyfully serving Him. Then, He showed me my spiritual family and the ministry where He wanted to use me. Seeing all those, I broke in tears and He told me, “My child, you rushed things out.” He made me realize that I am still young and that there is a time for everything. He also convicted me of prioritizing my relationship with ‘that guy’ than my relationship with Him. That time, I felt His embrace and forgiveness. 

    It is true that our heart is deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9). We should wait for the right time and go through the right process. Yes, time will come that we will be in relationship, but we have to make God the center of it. And when you get hurt, always remember that it’s not the end. Let us completely trust God and learn to wait on the right time.

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    NBSB: No Boyfriend, Still Blessed

    Photo: Quantrimang.com

    To the courageous girl who sent this story of her life, may your life be an inspiration to many!

    I already have known God and I regularly attended the church but I still felt empty inside of me. Well, I could not really say that I am a Christian because I myself could not even see the changes in me until it came to a point when I didn’t take ministry seriously. I did not notice that I was actually running away from God. Satan got a hold of me. He used my weakness to pull me down.

    I fell in love with a guy who I thought was ‘the one.’ I felt so happy that time.From then on, I gave him all my time, effort and attention. But after few months, I got so deeply broken and depressed. My heart was wrecked! I thought it was going to be him all along. I thought he will not leave me but I was all wrong. Series of problem came crashing over me. I even hated my family. I changed a lot. I became rebellious.

    Last May 1 to 5 2017, somebody invited me to attend youth camp. I felt that my heart was so hungry to encounter God. When I attended that camp, my life got better, and I myself became a better person. I surrendered everything to God– my jealousy, hurts, and hatred! I repented and I forgave all the people who had hurt me. After all this, I encountered the Holy Spirit! I was filled by Him! I was in His tangible presence for four hours. That was exactly May 3.

    I was so overwhelmed. I couldn’t imagine how God can powerfully move in our life if we will allow Him. All the things that you thought were impossible, He can make them happen if we will just repent and desire to experience His presence some more.

    Right now, I am happily loving and serving God. I’ll be joining the praise and worship team in our church because God has been calling me to be a worship leader for so long but then I was running away from it. I am now ready to use the talent He has given me for His Glory! All of it!

    I just want to encourage you my brothers and sisters in the Lord. If you are feeling spiritually dry and weak and you’re thinking God cannot change you, you’re wrong. Just come to Him. Give Him your everything and let Him use you for His glory!











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    Find Out How Staring Challenge Changed the Relationship of These People

    Family is designed by God. It is where people are supposed to experience affection, security, and joy firsthand. Unfortunately, there are families who fail to show all these causing misunderstanding, miscommunication, and coldness in their relationship. If it is not dealt with right away, it will become normal among them to care less about each other every single day.

    All relationships grow cold, it cannot be avoided. But, we can always make a way to fan the flame so it will not lead to anger, bitterness, hatred, pride, and unforgiveness among family members. We should always remember that ‘relationship is more important than our ego and emotions.’ There are also times when our job, hobbies, and relationship with other people are more important than our families. This should not be. When was the last time you said ‘I love you’ to each of your family? When was the last time you thanked your parents? your spouse? your children?

    As members of one family, we should show care, love, and understanding to each other. The love of Christ must be modeled in our homes. It is always important to settle matters quickly and talk about the conflicts in the family not to prove who is right and wrong but to fix the conflict.

    Children, honor your parents. Parents, always encourage your children. Your words create life and death so be careful what you tell them. Wives, submit to your husbands. Husbands, honor your wives. This is the original design of a God-centered family.

    Watch the video below. See how staring at each other reconnected the relationship of these families. A very simple way, yet it impacted their relationship and gave them big realization.



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    When Do You Know You are Ready for Relationship?

    Photo: Lifehack.org

    In a very conservative culture like ours, age is big deal in getting into relationship. For sure you have heard your parents, relatives, and teachers say the line “Do not enter relationship unless you graduate from college, get a stable job, and help your family.” They make a good point right there but we get pressured every time we hear them say that, don’t we? If you are a teenager and your parents tell you this, you would start to count the years that need to pass before you can really accomplish what they say. In that case, patience is really a virtue. A teenager told a joke one time saying, “I will not take up 4-year-course in college. I am fine with a 6-month vocational course so that I can graduate right away, get a job, and pursue the girl that I want.” Everybody laughed at him. But it was half meant and has a point, too.

    Teenagers nowadays are so excited with the idea of being in a relationship but, it isn’t just about the good feeling you get or the happy memories you make with the person. Aside from what your parents told you, there are things that you need to consider the most. First, do you have a good relationship with God? Because if you don’t, you cannot really love the person unconditionally and purely because God is the source of love. Second, are you emotionally mature already? Because if you are not, you will only depend on your ‘feelings’ in dealing with the challenges your relationship will face. You will only end up hurting each other. Lastly, do you have the intention of getting married? You should get into relationship with the thought of marrying. It requires being emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially stable to say you are ready to be a husband or a wife.

    Well, It isn’t really about age, but it is mainly about your maturity as a Christian, and as a person. There are couples who got married in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and so on, but there are many of them that end in divorce and annulment leading to more broken families in the world.

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    When Loving Becomes Challenging, Will You Still Love?


    Too often, when people are in love, they become idealistic that they thought love is all about holding hands, kissing, celebrating ‘monthsary’ or anniversary, giving and receiving gifts, getting married, et cetera. Well, it is exciting to think of such things in a relationship. But sad truth is that, it is not always like a bed of roses nor a cotton candy that a child enjoys. Love has its challenges, too. To be able to say that you love the person purely and truthfully, you must always be ready to go extra mile– in your patience, understanding, love and humility.

    When challenges come into your relationship, that’s actually the time when you can gauge your maturity and capacity to love the person regardless. True love is proven when there are struggles but you still choose to love the other person. Love is a decision we make everyday. There is no perfect love story, only love stories that are victorious over the challenges that tried to get in the way.

    Many relationships are ending so bad, leaving people broken, because the people involved have forgotten that love is thinking of the other person’s good more than yours. Couples in their relationship must always think how they can make each other happy, and what they can give to each other rather than what they can receive.

    God, who is the perfect representation of love, had shown us what love looks like (John 3:16). He GAVE Jesus, His one and only beloved Son to the world to die for our sins. It was the greatest challenge God has faced for the sake of love. But He did not refuse to give His son to die for us even if He knew in the first place, there would be people who will still choose pleasure and sin over Him. He didn’t think of the flaws of humankind, instead, He extravagantly demonstrated His love for us to bring us back to Him.

    You may be experiencing a very shaky relationship right now and  considering breakup, but before doing that, ask yourself, “HAVE I GIVEN MY BEST FOR THIS RELATIONSHIP?” Because if your answer is no, try giving your best first. Again, remember, it is not about what you can receive, but what you can give.

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    I’ve Got Hurt So Many Times. Is There Someone Who Can REALLY Love Me?

    Photo: pixhome.blogspot.com

    Everybody wanted to be loved. We always long for that attention and affection that will give us sense of worth. Well, in our world, it is not that easy to earn love. It seems like one has to work for love to earn it… that nobody wanted to give it away for free… a love too conditional.  Such is a sad story. All we ever wanted is to be loved and feel valued but many times we get hurt and offended. But that is human love- a love that is so limited, conditional, earned, and inconsistent.

    When we were younger, we thought that those painful and dramatic stories were just seen in movies or in fairy tales we watch. But when we grew up, we get more and more exposed to the real world that victimize us with false hopes. You tried to give everything away for love, but you gained none; you opened yourself for friendship, but got betrayed in the end; you did your best so that your parents will be proud of you, but that ain’t enough; you did strive hard to earn their praise, attention, and love, but you gain just nothing but pain, false expectations, and criticisms.

    Again, that is human love. But let me tell you about the greatest love that you need not to earn, but receive for free- a love that is unconditional,  gentle, and generous; the greatest love that is freely offered to you regardless of who you are and what bad you have done; that is the love of God. Only God can love us perfectly despite our imperfections. When He says He loves us, He meant it. He’s not like a man whose love falters. Romans 5:8 says, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” While we were sinning, He chose to love us. While we were getting addicted of some things, He decided to lay down His life for us. While we were enjoying worldly pleasure, He came to offer something better than that. While we were failing, He stepped in to give us victory. And while we were dying, He came to give us life.

    God’s love is the best love in the universe! This is the only love that you do not need to earn but receive. God is inviting you right now to know Him and experience His love. His love is the love that NEVER  FAILS.

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